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April 18, 2013





By J. Courtney Sullivan


I’m sorry to say that this book was a giant waste of time.

Among the things I didn’t like:

1. Characters are unbelievably shallow, unlikable, and boring.
2. The book skips around in time making it confusing to follow.
3. The author is a bit too free with her stereotypes.
4. The writing, at times, is extremely awkward and fake. For example, characters refer to each other as “sweetie” all the time. ALL THE TIME. Drove me nuts.
5. The author tried to make this a women’s issue book that doubles as a beach read. She wasn’t successful in either attempt.
6. The ending was disappointing and contrived.

Not sure why I’m even giving this book two stars, except maybe because I actually finished it so I guess it kept my attention at times?

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