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and the mountains echoed

June 22, 2013

And the Moutains Echoed

By Khaled Hosseini


After many years of waiting this book was somewhat of a disappointment.

While the beginning started out strong and along the lines of Khaled Hosseini’s other books, the subsequent chapters were far less interesting, dragged on in parts, and introduced so many characters I almost reached for a pen and a piece of paper to help keep track of them.

And then ending? The ending was just a total letdown.

I fear that once a writer becomes so well-known and successful he/she is subject to so much pressure to churn out another book that inevitably they lost some of their creative process. Jodi Picoult and Danielle Steel are a few names that come to mind…and it appears Khaled Hosseini is on the same path.

I only hope he takes his time with the next one.

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