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angel falls

July 4, 2013

Angel Falls

By Kristin Hannah


I am usually a huge fan of Kristin Hannah’s work…but this book was seriously disappointing.

First off, most of the characters were boring and contrived. Could Julian have been any more of a “move star?” And Liam…talk about playing a selfless hero. Sorry, I don’t believe the characters in this book were remotely realistic.

Secondly, the story line was SO predictable. I won’t spoil the ending for anyone reading this review but seriously, one knows how this story is going to end even before it begins! I kept waiting for something to happen in this book…but nothing ever really happened. And the ending was so rushed that I think even the author gave up trying to save the plot.

Kristin Hannah usually wins me over with her writing style – I loved Night Road, Winter Garden, and True Colors – so I’m not sure what happened with Angel Falls. I feel bad writing such a negative review but I fear Kristin Hannah is trying to churn out books so quickly she’s sacrificing quality.

Fingers crossed her next one is up to par.

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