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left neglected

August 1, 2013

Left Neglected

By Lisa Genova


As a huge fan of Lisa Genova’s “Still Alice,” I had very high hopes for this book. Unfortunately, something about it just did not click with me.

Let’s start with the good:

1. I know how a whole lot about a disorder I’ve never heard of before: Left Neglect.

2. The author is obviously amazing at doing thorough research – medical and otherwise.

3. The main character – Sarah – deals with her challenges remarkably well and is admirable through and through.

Now the not so good:

1. What made me pick up this book was the summary on the book jacket. But this book was more about Sarah dealing with Left Neglect rather than her life prior to her accident.

2. I’m not squeamish but the author doesn’t mince words…her portrayal of Sarah’s recovery is down right gritty. Sometimes it was hard to read (obviously my problem – not the author’s problem).

3. Although this isn’t usually the case with me, I do wish the book had a different ending (no details here so I don’t spoil it for others!).

Bottom Line: I’m glad I finished this book but it was definitely tedious in parts. Still, Lisa Genova did a fantastic job developing the main character of this book and if nothing else I am reminded of how lucky I am in about 1,000 different ways.

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